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"Want to Ranking the New Sites Quickly?" Try These 6 Startegies !!

Hmm.. Well you know the difference between the sites which are nor remarkable and the top ranking sites. In the last some years the target of the internet market was low and there was less competition and generally sites were ranked easily, But it is the time of more competition because you have to fight with the top trusted sites which has build authority and the upcoming strong competitor.

If you have a new site and your competition is against the top established sites with their most important keywords, then you should have to strong in the public relations, link building and you must be able to cast link bait.

Hmm.. You are fighting against the established site then it will be easier to rank an old site. So, buy a old site which is not well maintained and then maintain and organize it rank with the desired keywords. Well, If you are thinking that it may cast more money then you can choose a new site and follow the key terms I am going to discuss here which will help you to rank in short period.

Target The Keyword Which is Easier To Attain Ranking: If most your competitors are targeting New Delhi Map but nobody is targeting NewDelhi Map then it is going to be easier to rank for that alternative version. And even if the alternate version only gets 5% or 10% the search volume of the related keyword, you are still going to pull in more traffic by ranking #1 for it than you would ranking #30 for the more popular version of the keyword.

Modify The Keywords: If you can't rank for the core keywords then try to add some related keyword modifiers to the page title. Is Mobile Phones too hard of a keyword? Then consider targeting a phrase like Best Mobile Phones.

Opt a Mixing Strategy for On-Page Optimization: Rather than placing your keyword phrase all over the page consider mixing up how you use it. If the page title contains Best Mobile Phone consider using something like Compare Top Mobile Phones Offer in the on page H1 header. Notice the change between plural and singular versions of the keywords. Popular CMS programs like Wordpress have plug ins like the SEO Title tag plug in that make it quite easy to vary your page title and on page heading.

Go Deeper Than the Competition is Going. The searchers go for search long tail terms some time so you may target for those keywords and luckily you can get their attention. Because the long tail searchers need information so they can link up you and every link will be beneficial in your Internet marketing campaign.

Go Away From The Commercial Keywords: If you stay within a small basket of well known commercial keywords it is hard to compete with strong competitors that have been targeting them for years. Niche how to content that solves a searcher's problems is likely to build inbound links. These inbound links boost your domain authority and pass PageRank internally to other pages on your site, which is much of the general goal of many SEO linkbait projects...some pages are good at building inbound citations while other pages leverage that link authority and generate revenue.

Try The Social Media: Social media will be always beneficial for traffic and the some niche specific social sites may give you the number of visitors with the number of links.

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    At March 3, 2011 at 9:03 PM, Blogger Albert Hans said...

    We need to reach millions of customers each day and internet marketing is the best way to make this happen. Internet Marketing not only drives traffic to our site and increases our revenues, but what is important, is to share to people that we have great services that they can use or tools that can help improve themselves and their lives.


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