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Finally I Become a Mechanical Engineer

Life is full of the adventure. I felt it in these 4 years of my Engineering Life. I didn't think that I will be a Mechanical Engineer but Finally I joined B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology ) with Mechanical Engineering branch. From starting to ends these four years was full of enjoyment and good( a little bit of bad )memories.

Well friends I will tell you every thing which I passed in my last four year in the college.

    First Day in College: It was 9 September 2004. I came to the college at 09:00 a.m. It was my first day in college and when I entered in the college encountered to the seniors. It was the ragging period Introduction period. Some of the Seniors catch me out of the class and tell me to introduce myself and also tell to sing a song. I done both at that time but I was afraid little bit. After that Welcome Party was organized and after that I sifted in the Hostel. In the hostel I meet to some students which are with me till now.

    First Year and Freshers Party: In first year's first semester I was new to the course and patter of the study and first time I was out of the home. So, most of the time I spend in memories of home and studies. I make many new friends which was very good in nature and cooperative. In the middle of the semester we got the freshers party and enjoyed the occasion.

    In the second semester I understood the pattern and tactics of studies so I enjoyed the second semester most. It was first time I was out of home so with my friends I visited Delhi (Capital of India) many times. I got many of the good faculty members which was very knowledgeable and cooperative. Some of them are Ashish Pathak my faculty of Physics and Aparna Vats faculty of Professional Communication.

    Second Year Full of Fun: In second years I and my friends meet each other after the summer vacation. We share the experiences of the vacation and then start the studies.

    In this year I totally entered in the Mechanical Field. I liked some subjects very much as Machine Design, Theory of Machines, Thermodynamics and Strength of Material. The interest couldn't develop in these subject if the faculty members like S.M.Adeeb, Vishal Aggrawal and Priyanka Tiwari had not teach.

    Third Year Entry in the Internet marketing: That year most of my friends leave the hostel So, I too. We hire a room on rent in Sector Beta. My roommates also come with me and we totally exposed to the 24 hr internet connection.

    My faculty members was very good so they gave me good internal marks that year and made it easy for me to spent more time on the Internet.

    So, spending time on the internet in chatting and other activities which was worthless. I select the option of the Internet Marketing. My friend Manish helped me very much because he was involved in Internet Marketing since 2000. He made my SEO Expert Delhi blog and set the target for ranking the blog for some keyword. It was the first attempt to learn SEO. Manish created my blog at 7 march 2007 and I started posting on the blog. People learn form their mistakes so I learned from my first mistake that I was pasting the article from other site so Google indexed my blog in Supplementary Index. I deleted my all post and re construct the blog and started blogging from 27th may 2007.

    Fourth Year Spend much time on Social media: In the final year along with studies I spend much time on the Social media. Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon I liked most in all of the Social Media Sites.

    With the studies all of the fear of Examination was out of the mind because till I (Every One)knew the techniques and strategies to score good marks in short of the time. That year was full of fun and enjoyment.

    The last Day in College: Officially last day was 2nd June and my Project was on that day. I made a team with my friends to make a project on "Automatic CNC drilling Machine". We worked well on that project so last day was also very good in front of the Examiner.

Finally at 2nd June I completed my Engineering full of the good memories of first day to last day.


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    At March 9, 2010 at 8:32 AM, Blogger kavita said...


    At June 11, 2010 at 8:35 AM, Blogger Sumit Srivastava said...

    u forgot your friends, Life is a journey perhaps u shall meet some new n good friends, you will be much more sucessful but in your sucess just do not forget ur old friends

    At June 11, 2010 at 8:38 AM, Blogger Sumit Srivastava said...

    In ur article u forgot your friends, Life is a journey perhaps u shall meet some new n good friends, you will be much more sucessful but in your sucess just do not forget ur old friends


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