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Top 5 Public Relation Mistakes

Every one know about the importance of the public relationship in the Search engine optimization and social media. Introduction of the social media makes it much important than past times. If you have developed good public relation skills then your business will grow much faster which you want. The goal of public relations is to portray your business in the best possible manner. This can range from establishing yourself in the market to damage control. If you have good public relationship then you will have to work less for link building and SEO too for boost up your business. You know the strategies involved in the public relationship but I am here discussing about some worst practices in public relationship.

Timing Matters (Poor timing may worry you): Timing is crucial and too often the individuals who handle public relations do not get a head start on their tasks. You need to consider lead time for magazines, newspapers, and other media. It is always important in any type of internet marketing, online marketing and offline marketing.

Poor Selection of Language: Jargon and buzzwords do not impress editors who have little time to read all of the press releases that flow across their desks. Get to the point in plain and simple language.

Written press releases not in proper manner: A press release having many Errors, omissions, poorly worded sentences, lengthy copy, and poor structure are all pitfalls that land press releases in the trash. You must have to grab the reader's attention, jump to the point as faster as possible, and also enrich them with new information and activities.

Poor follow-up: You must always ready to heard and be prepared when someone calls you with follow-up questions. There are several examples of failing the relationship due to reason that they didn't close with deal.

Too much hype: You want to be positive, but superlatives get tedious and can arouse suspicion in readers. Remember: You're appealing to the news media, so supply them with supported facts, and avoid generalizations and exaggerations.

Well these are the things which everyone consider during their public relationship campaign. As much strong your public relationship will develop there will increase in probability for hiring your company.

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    At April 12, 2008 at 12:34 AM, Blogger Claire Stokoe said...

    Great post.. i have seen at least one of these mistakes done in the past by both companies i have worked for and my clients.


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