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How to Build Links by Commenting On Blogs?

Commenting on the various blog post is also a effective link building strategy when blog is DoFollow. In the case of Nofollow it benefits as much but it increases your link counts. The commenting on the post is also an art to be out of the category of the Spammers. There are some points which have to be followed by each blog commentator for not to look like a Spammer.

Comment relevancy:
The commenting on the blog post must be based on the blog post content. Must read the whole article and then comment on it. Do not go for comment after only reading the post title. Read whole article to know the what author want to say and if you have less time for read the article then read the comments of others. Do not copy paste the others comment, it may cause disapproval of your comment. A good comment also press readers to visit your site if your comment is useful.

Overall comment content length:
If you want to appreciate the author, suggest any thing and then you can add it in your comment. I think your comment length doesn't matter how long it is. But a precise comment is liked by everyone. A bigger comment is are not wholly read by everyone so be precise to 200 to 250 word in your comment. You can catch the attention of others if you mention some interesting things in your comments.

Similar/same comments around several blogs:

If you are commenting on the several blogs then use different comments. It will look like more natural. I think if you want to make authority of your site then give anchor text in comment as contain in your domain. You may use single anchor text if you not comment on many sites, But in case of huge number of comments then comment on several blogs with different keywords. This will look like more natural. As I said never comment on different blogs with similar content this will show you as spammer.

Your linked comments acquisition rate:

Do not comment on the blogs with much faster rates. This will not look like natural. If you comment more than 100 comments on several blogs then it will definitely harm you. There must the fixed rate of commenting. Make your limit of commenting to 20 - 30 comments a day. A Slow link building is liked by Google this will increase your SERPs.

Some blacklist words like "porn" both in the author link and the Comment body:
Do not comment on those blogs which contain adult content. This may blacklist your site when hey search engines will track the link. Also do not include such words which are blacklisted. The links upcoming towards your site from the flagged or black listed sites will harm you site in various manner.

Many of the seo experts use these tactics to build links for site or blog. This link building strategy is very easy in practice. You can achieve good popularity by your comment and get good results from industry. Because if your comment is good then every one appreciate you and remember your name with respect.

In my starting career as SEO Expert Delhi I choose this trick for building links because it was so easy to understand an also very much interesting work. I am also using it for link building for my SEOcontest2008. Commenting also increase you knowledge in specific field because you read article before commenting on it.


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    At April 17, 2008 at 1:04 PM, Blogger henrry said...

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