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Digg - 5 Steps to Become Social

First you have to make account on the Digg. This is zeroth step for digg because making profile and account doesn't matter on digg. The only thing matters that is your popularity. Making profile is not a big deal, You have to follow some basic rules on the social media to gain popularity. I am explaining here some basic steps. If you will be popular on Digg then you can deliver huge traffic towards your site. It will be also helpful for effective link building.

Discover Something Interesting on web

Digg is a social place for those peoples who are interested in discovering and sharing content across the web, from the biggest online site destinations to the most obscure blog which are attractable. Digg likes the best thing which are linked by the most of the users.

When a story submitted to digg then its popularity counted by the number of votes/duggs that story received.For every registered user that clicks "Digg it" to vote the content and count increases and when a story reaches the tipping point, then it gets promoted to the homepage and made your story popular and you too. A story stuck on the digg front page drive huge amount of traffic towards the site.

Digg may help you in effective link baiting, which will lead you to increase your authority by gaining links without any effort.

Customize your view for your Interests

Don't want to see Industry or polotical news? Customize your view of Digg for those you want to see and for those do not want.

By looking at information through the lens of the collective community on Digg, you'll always find something interesting and unique. Register and you can select the categories that are most interesting to you and hide the ones you don't want to see.

Your chosen category will help other users to make you friend on the basis of your interest in the specific category.

Participate in discussion

Here you can share your opinions and comments on the stories, videos, Images and podcasts. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons for rating the comments you liked and this will show your opinion liked by how many peoples. This will give you an idea that what people like on digg.

Want to contribute some more? Find an interesting article, video, or podcast online and submit it. Your submission will immediately appear in "Upcoming Stories," where other members can find it and Digg it.

If you comment any where and your comment found useful to others then your profile will be viewed more and you will definitely gain popularity on the Digg.

Get Connected with your Friends

Make friends and know that what they are digging or discovering on the web. You may prefer those Friends who has same area of interest as yours this will be more helpful for you.

You will find your all friend's activity is a running list of all your friends' actions within Digg (Diggs, shouts, comments, submissions, etc.). While you can discover a lot of new stuff that the community finds interesting, it's even cooler to see what your friends are Digging.

Search for friends already on Digg or invite others to the site. And add them as a friend by taking care of some rules which may be helpful for you.

I have discussed here some basic steps for Digg. But in general you can go for these steps for social media which is acceptable for most of all social media sites.

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