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Link Baiting - An Effective Link Building Strategy

Link Baiting is the basic tact which is used by bloggers but it is rarely used by the many of the websites. Today I am going to explain what link baiting is and how everyone, not just bloggers, can use it to build quality links.

This is a topic that’s been around for a while but I don’t think a lot of people know what it is, or how to use it to their advantage.

However link baiting is one of the link building strategies rather than hunting out links, you are bringing the links to you through unique, resourceful and popular site content.

Link baiting - bait for links

Link Baiting process just like fishing. You publish a new article or page on any topic and share it on web. Others read your content and smell its freshness and if it is interesting and helpful for industry then they link to it. Your article acts as bait and link act as catch for it.

If you have created a proper page then it may capture huge links with least or no effort by you.

For example, wrote an article about 80+ AJAX solutions for professional coders which was really helpful for the industry which get huge numbers of natural links you can check it here. Article has earned 11,700 links to date which is really big achievement without an effort.

Link Bait is process of gaining links naturally. If your article is really good then there is no matter for worrying about links. The huge links fall on your article and you will find many of them with your anchor text or your article title. And if you are gaining links with your article title as anchor text then your article will naturally come in top listings of search engines without your effort.

With link building there are essentially 5 types of “hooks” or pages built to encourage links. They are: News, Contrary, Attack, Resource and Humor.

News hook is one where you report about on industry news. But it should not be similar to others article, it should be unique. It will be beneficial in that case if you had first caught the news and published it. A news hook may also be that where you have proved any story to have true or false.

Contrary hooks are those in which you contradicts anyones thinking. It should be really helpful for the industry in simple way of finding solution of any problem as a discussion with person to whom you are controversial.

Attack hooks take the contrary hooks a step further, by launching personal attacks on people taking the debunking of theories to the next level.

Resource hook is more of an informational page. It’s one that aggregates a bunch of information and distills it for visitors.

Humor hook. With this link bait you post jokes, funny stories, weird or funny pictures that you’ve found or anything else that will warrant a review from others and hopefully a link.

Linkbaiting sounds like a bad thing, but especially if it’s interesting information or fun, it doesn’t have to have negative connotations. I hereby claim that content can be both white-hat and yet still be wonderful “bait” for links.And generating information or ideas that people talk about is a surefire way to generate links. Personally, I’d lean toward producing interesting data or having a creative idea rather than spouting really controversial ideas 100% of the time. If everything you ever say is controversial, it can be entertaining, but it’s harder to maintain credibility over the long haul.


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    At March 29, 2011 at 3:11 AM, Blogger Manish Singh said...

    Article is really good then there is no matter for worrying about links.

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