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Increase Traffic to Your WebSite or Blog

1. Exercise better writing and Linkbait

Good writing comprises many things, writing good titles, writing unique subject matter, writing a resourceful post are most important for better writing. If you have such qualities about writing then you may become a good link baiter.

Titles say many things

  • Titles must be short and so precise but it should reflect the content inside it. And if you writing for attracting people then research for niches and then title your content.
  • Change coding of your title if it appears as: My Blog Title | My Post Title. It must appear as: My Post Title - My Blog Title or My Post title. It is done so because it will provide you different types of keyword for your blog.

If you are using Blogger’s template you can use following code and place it inside the tag.

How to write Body Content

Remember, here we are talking about how to get search engine traffic? Here I have mentioned some rules for writing good link bait. Linkbait create a route for links due to which you can apply your link building strategies efficiently.

  • Study the many popular bookmarks on to know about what people are searching and linking to.
  • Such you write such content which provide solution such as “how to…. Or providing the “List of …” of some things is always better for linkbait.
  • Use simple structure, and simple English to increase readability of content.
  • Link out, link often and link generously -- Really, forget any rubbish you may have heard about depleting page rank, or any concerns you have over sending away traffic, and work on providing links to great resources your readers will love -- they'll thank you for it, and link to you for it.
  • Be inventive and provide good resources for community by researching on new things.

2. Make it Easy for People to Link to You

Here a have provided the tips only for writing more attractive for increasing traffic to your blog you can also learn Top 10 Proven Tips to Increase Traffic to your Blog , useful and linkable copy are geared to two things:

  1. Providing what your readers want
  2. Gaining links

Links are the currency with which one trades on the web, the lingua franca of the internet and key to ranking, and traffic. Hint: They're really, really important ok?

Essentially, you're looking for this:

  • Links coming to your posts, from many different sources
  • Links preferably have relevant keywords in the text used to make the link and again preferably come from sites on a similar topic
  • Links from trusted, authoritative sites.

Apart from writing great linkable copy, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your posts get linked, and hence ranked aswell as get more bang for your buck per link.
  • Do some Social media for SEO purpose and encourage readers to submit your posts to Digg and, or more specific link sites depending on your subject matter and share it button on you blog.
  • There are varios widgets for most blog software to do the above for you, just have a search through your blog softwares list of plugins.
  • Where possible, make sure your urls contain your keywords. Contrary to popular opinion, this is not because Search engines pay particularly more attention to urls with keywods, but because people often just paste urls into comments, blog posts and forums where they are automatically linked by the software. Those links, contain the keywords, and it's keywords in links, from authoratitive, trusted sites, that are what we want.
  • Place a "link to this post" widget on your blogs templates
  • Network like crazy, see below...
Although there are lots of posts out there on links, I couldn't find much that would add value to what i've written above. If you have resources to share, please post them in the comments.


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