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Why the hell Search Engine Land didn't drop its PageRank

We've had so much talk about PR drop in a day, which we never had for so many years, well we had our reasons. PageRank increased earlier, but this time round it was the other way. Many sites had their PR dropped, the reasons still unknown. Some say it's due to excessive linking, some said it's due to paid links, but what actually the reason is still unknown or well nobody could tell.

I tried to come up with my own conclusions. Which tried to solve the tension creeping in my mind. It's due to first, reciprocal linkings, excessive linkings.

Well the reason of reciprocal links and excessive linkings was able to define to huge extent, until I found Search Engine Land, and hmm...aren't they having too much of excessive linking on their site? With links to over hundred blogs and sites. Google itself says you should try to resist from over hundred links on a page, but well SEL is doing it, and doing it excessively!

Whatever the reason is would never be known, because we don't know the algorithm developed by Google engineers, but what I know is that if there is a drop for some reason then it should be for every site irrespective of their owners.


posted by Prashant Vikram Singh @ 11:13 AM,

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