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Stop criticizing people, if you can't appreciate them!

I read the post of Manish Pandey, Hey SEO biggies why you ashamed to linking Newbie’s. where he raised a good question on the future of the newbie bloggers. I also read a comment on this post on Sphinn that was about making some kind of group for newbies. I appreciate his thinking on making a group of newbies which would help everybody to discuss and share knowledge. But, to my sudden surprise few people didn't like his idea or were jealous of him? They are not helping to do so. Some of them are criticizing him. I read a comment of Lucia, where she was saying that why any one will link to him, even he is not a good writer. And also showing off that she is superior to him, she said I have gained many links by my unique posting even she also belongs to the community of newbie. I think all SEO biggies are capable of link baiting by their experience and creativity; they are not born as a link baiter, nobody is, they learned and applied their knowledge and made their place in community. Not all SEOs are capable of writing very new and unique articles so they fail in link baiting. But, don't do you think if we appreciate them, they would do better and help the community.

I read a new post of Lucia criticizing Manish in her article which read Top 11 Reasons not to link an A list Blogger. She also said that Manish is doing this for gaining publicity and links. Even if he do so, then what is wrong in it? All the top notch SEOs fell in to some kind of war before people could know them. Who doesn't remember the war between John Scott and Greg Boser. Well I think Manish took the first step to raise a voice for the newbies and there is nothing wrong in it. There must be an initiator, to make things happen, and that man will naturally gain publicity, and why shouldn't he? But there are few people who think, why other is gaining the publicity and not me, just out of shear jealousy. I think criticism of people may harm the community and also harm the business of that person. So, before publishing the criticism of any member who belongs to Internet Marketing field one must think, Would this post harm the business of this person? Even if they are your competitor, appreciate them, give suggestions and help them and help the community. Well who knows your help may do good fro you in future!

One thing I must mention here, I think that in the field of the Internet marketing, Indians are not liked by any one. It may be one cause that everyone are ready to criticize an Indian belonging to the field of SEO and Internet Marketing who is working so hard to gain knowledge and help the World, but I don't know when would people start respecting others.

Lucia writes ways to not to link to A List bloggers, well why such kind of discrimination. Just because these people started to blog few years ago. Blogging is very new thing in the arena and even people like Matt Cutts started blogging in July 2007, just over two years. Manish has a blog which is one and a half year old so not too far from Matt. So, people shouldn't start shouting about others before knowing about them. Manish is very respected member of v7n Web Dev Community, where he is active most of his hours. He is a digg fan, an SEO expert and good human being, always ready to help people out. If you can't appreciate him at least do not criticize him.


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    At October 21, 2007 at 7:32 AM, Blogger lucia said...

    Hi Vikram:

    Interesting post.

    I've been trying to explain that new, PR0 bloggers (like you, me and Manish) need to link out in order to get A-list bloggers to discover our blogs. If they don't discover our blogs, they won't read them, and they won't link them.

    Notice I found your post because you linked me? Outlink really does help your blog get found. :)

    To make outlinking really work for you (and bring in links) I'd advise ping technorati and leave trackbacks when you do link. I almost missed your post because technorati isn't picking it up.

    I do want to clarify a few things: I didn't criticize Manish's writing or even suggest it's in any way deficient. I didn't say Manish was writing his post for publicity or links. As it happens, I agree with you that if he wrote a the post to get links, that would be a good thing!

    In fact: I'm trying to describe a method he can use to get links. Linking out just works. That's what I was trying to explain by pointing out that I got links that way. I didn't get links because my blog is superior it's because I outlink to the A-listers who then, sometimes visit.

    I wish both you and Manish good luck with your blog and I'm trying to provide advice that will help you.


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