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General mistakes done by the SEO's

1. Target towards the wrong keyword

This is the basic mistakes which is done by many of the SEO's. Many of the people choose the title which may describe the site very easily but generally searchers dose not search that keyword. For an example if you have a site about any place or country, if you give the title same as the name of place you can't get large traffic on your site organically, if you describe your title using the keyword Travel you can get large traffic because many of the searches are done about the Travel. There is many of the tools available on the internet which can help you.

2. Leaving blank title Tag

Common mistake done by the many SEO's is leaving blank the TITLE tag.This is one of the most important places to have a keyword, it not only helps you to optimize the keyword even shows your title on the search engine page.

3. Using Flash website as alternative of HTML

Sites can be made attractive by using flash but the search engines don't like flashes. It is must to provide the HTML version of the flash which will be easy to index in the search engines.

4. JavaScript Menus

It is not bad to use JavaScript, it is more easier to understand but it is not easy to understand by search engines. So if you have JavaScript menus you can't do without, you should consider build a sitemap without using JavaScript so that all your links will be crawlable.

5. Lack of consistency and maintenance

There is many of the clients who thinks that if once the site is optimize then it will not loose ranking. If you want to optimize your site permanently then you must be consistent to keep an eye on the competition and – changes in the ranking algorithms of search engines.

6. Concentrating too much on meta tags

Many of the people think that SEO is about getting your meta keywords and description correct! In fact, meta tags became a thing of the past. Any one can create meta keywords and description but can not rank totally depending on these things.

7. Using only images at the place of headings

Many people thinks that images looks better at the place of the title. Yes, an image may make your site different from others but in terms of SEO images for headings, title and menus are blunder because h2, h2, tags and menu links has a place in SEO.

8. Ignoring URL's

Many people says that how an URL is important in SEO. An good URL containing the desired keyword give the advantage over the competitors.

9. Back link Spamming

It is common discussion that more and more backlinks are desirable in the SEO. So, many person spam in the forum, blogs to gain lots of links which may cause loosing trust of your site on search engine and your site may be banned. In fact, what you need are quality backlinks.

10. No or less title keyword in content

Must pay attention on keywords, put the keywords in the content where it is required and make sense. It will be better if you bold or highlight them.

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