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Ways To Quit Smoking

The man who is smokes 20 cigarettes daily, and if he is smoking for more than 10 years. His frequent attempts to quit were very for very short time. Such type of man always says-

I has tried to quit this before but i could not able to resist the temptation till beyond a few days. I felt very irritable. That was time when my doctor not only given me a lot of knowledge about tobacco's harmful effects and the disease but also given me confidence.

A Mumbai based tobacco de-ad-diction specialist, says-
Anyone who decided to quit tobacco should seek professional help to increase his/her chances to success Medication can help reduce irritability, anxiety, uneasiness and craving that a tobacco abuser experiences during withdrawal. This will increase chance of quitting tobacco.

Quitting smoking is very hard. Usually people make two or three attempts or more before they are finally able to stay away. By quitting, you live longer and healthier life and the chances of heart attacks/strokes and cancer can be reduced. Expectant their chances of giving birth to healthy offspring.

Since tobacco is an appetite suppressant, during the quit period a person may gain weight but this should reduce the next few months. During the first few days of quitting, many patients feel that their carving reduces by drinking buttermilk, citrus fruit juices or cold water.

The addiction of smoking can also be reduced by having nicotine chewing gum, nicotine inhalers, nicotine nasal spray or by applying nicotine patch on the body.

I think this following few simple steps, couple with healthy approach, can help to quit smoking-
1. You must start your day with thinking
positive about the attempts of quitting smoking.

2. Make the regular use of healthy fruits and other substitute such as apple, carrot
sticks, celery, etc.

3. You must opt the vitamin C-rich food, because it is very powerful antioxidant,
it is gained from the foods as oranges, guava, red pepper.

4. Always keep away from alcohol and coffee, because these may tend to carry you
towards cigarette.

5. Increase drinking of water and excess of other fluids to bring out the nicotine
from the body.

6. Never take heavy doses, always take a small dosage of the food or in partitions.

7. Get exercising.

Quitting is all about changing your approach. You can change your life if you change mind.

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