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Guinness Book of World Record - A Small Overview

On the 10th of November in 1951, the managing director of Company the Guinness Brewery Sir Hugh Beaver, went to attend the shooting party in the state of North Slob, which is in Ireland. There some one asked a question: which is the fastest game bird in Europe. At that evening, he thought that it is impossible to know these type of informations by any reference books.

Beaver think that there should be a reference book which includes the all data about these type of questions. At that time there was not such book which can contain such arguments or records. He thought that if he present the book which can answer the questions about the records will be popular.

The idea of Beaver come on the surface when one employee of Guinness recommended the two students for the finding the facts about all related quarries. Both of them worked hard and write the final pages of Guinness Book of Records in August 1954. In this year 1000 copies of the book is published.

The first edition of 198 pages was best seller in Britain in 1955, After this it is published in U.S. and over the seventy thousands of copies are sold in one year.

From this year Guinness Book Of Word Record is publishing every year and the pages are added with new records.

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