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Watch Stars From The Comfort Of Living Room-Google Sky

After winning the Earth (Google Earth), Google announce the service for computer users to tour space and watch the stars from the comfort of their living rooms on Wednesday. Google Sky is developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading space observatories.

This service is provided as the addition to the Google Earth, it is virtual geography program which enables the freedom to access the computerised three-dimensional map of the planet.

The users who download this new Sky software will be able to see the heaven like sky from any point of the earth. This service will also allow the user to zoom through more than 200 million galaxies and the detailed tour of around 100 million individual solar systems.

“You can flip up and see the constellations and search for stars, galaxies, nebulae and fly through space inside Google Earth, There have been lot of space events recently, such as the Perseid meteor showers, and with lots of kids going back to school hope this can be really useful in classroom to.” said a Google spokesman.

This is an achievement for the Google and any one can’t say that Google is only for Internet. Google has expand its area with firstly introducing the Google Earth and now Google Sky. Well any one can say that- “Google can search any thing whether it is on Internet, on Earth or in Sky. It is Universe on the computer.”

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