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Sachin Tendulkar - The Living Legend

Sachin Tendulker become a living legend of Indian Cricket.There is not any record in the cricket which is not touched by Sachin, even we can say that he had made the "RECORD OF MAKING RECORDS". Sachin is very simple in nature, he has devoted his half of years to cricket of his age.

Sachin has made maximum Centuries in the test as well as in the One-Day cricket. Some people sayes that Sachin is not a match winner player but the statistics sates different things. Sachin has made 37 Centuries in TEST Cricket and made 41 Centuries in ONE-DAYs. Followings are details of his Test Centuries.

In Glimpse Of Years

1989 - 1994 8 Centuries.

1995 - 2000 16 Centuries.

2000 - 2007 13 Centuries.

In Batting Order

4th Place 31 Centuries

5th Place 4 Centuries

6th Place 2 Centuries

Match Results When Sachin Hits Century

India Won 13 Times

Match Drawn 15 Times

India Face Defeat 8 Times

Some Interesting Things About Sachin

1. His father Late prof. Ramesh Tendulker, named him Sachin by influencing the famous musician Sachin Dev barman.

2. Initially Sachin wanted to be a Fast Bowler so he joined the MRF pace academy but his coach Dennis Lili said him to concentrate on Batting.

3.Sachin was the fan of famous tennis player John Macenaro in childhood, so he grown his hair like him and he also tie his hairs alike macenaro. Due to this style his frienda call him Macenaro.

4. Sachin's coach S.R.Achrekar give one rupee coin to the bowler who take his wicket. If Sachin was not out then Coach give him that coin.

5. The Semifinal match of World Cup 1987 was played in Vankhede Stadium. Sachin was "BALL BOY" in that match.

6. In 1988 in Bebron Stadium, Sachin has played as Extra fielder as Pakistan Team member againt the India.

7. Sachin's team mate Praveem Amre gave him first International level cricket Shoes.

8. Amitabh Bacchan became his fav. actor after watchin the movie DEEWAR & JANJEER. Also SHOLE is his fav. film.

9. Sachin thinks that his best century is against Australia which is hitted by him in 1992 on ground of Perth.

10. Sydney Cricket Ground is his fav. Ground.

11. Sachin thinks that best captains are - Ravi Shastri in home Cricket and Nassir Hussain in Intenational Cricket.

12. Sachin is the first batsman who has declared out by the 3rd Umpire Decision.


Vs England

411 runs needed in fourth inning to ignore the defeat. Sachin Tendulker drawn that match by hitting Century.

Vs Australia

Before going to pitch Sachin said that he will hit the Century. He done so in that match and India won by 179 Runs.

Vs Newzeland

Sachin had not hitted even any sixes when he was on 140 runs. But for winning that match fast runs are required so done that in that match ane scores 217 runs in which there was 7 sixes.

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    At February 25, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Blogger Tech Shankar said...

    I like your post. It was wonderful performance by Sachin.
    Congrats to Sachin Dear Little Master.

    Glorious World Record Moments - Sachin Tendulkar 200 Runs


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