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Free SEO Tips - Effective Keyword Research

One of the most important step in SEO is to find the keywords and key phrases that searchers use to find a site. So an effective research of keywords is very necessary.

What keywords should one target?
I personally feel that, when a website is new one should look for the long tail of search and go for less competitive keywords, and as the domain achieves more and more Google Trust then start to go for high competitive terms.

Starting a keyword research could be fun in pain! You would have to brain storm yourself on to how would a searcher would react to search a certain page. Here is a website that would help you in your keyword research it is

Think and think what a searcher might use words phrases to find the pages written by you and get a list of at least 20-30 keywords! This would help you to get 20-30 pages for your website. Never ever optimize your website for more than 3-4 keywords! That may dilute the effectiveness of your website.

For example if you were going to build a site related to SEO in India then these should be the keywords to optimize your website for SEO India, SEO Expert India, SEO Services India and so on. This would add huge benefit to your website in terms of SEO and their natural rankings!

So, in the end I would only like to conclude that it's upon you to decide to whom you must contact for best quality SEO services, you could learn and do it yourself but it would take a lot of time of simply hire an SEO expert who could do in for you!

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