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Ten Search Engine News Blogs You Ought to read Daily`

There are many sites which provides news. Well, you may say me the worm of the news even it is search engine news or general news. I like many of the news sites which provides Breaking News of India and world on the daily basis. But, if you talk about the search engine news, I get some of the following sites in my mind.

1. Search Engine land: Search Engine Land is a news and information site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry. The site is led by journalist Danny Sullivan, who has been covering search for the past 11 years.

Well I like this site very much because it covers all of the news Information about the Search marketing. according to me If you are regular reader of this site then you have no need to go any where for the Search Engine News. Also I like all the categories they cover there. Here you can find updated news about the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

And They Updates news with the appropriate categories so you can find news according to your interest.

Google Land: You can find all new updates with the Google here. This page covers more than the 80 categories. So, Providing the readers to getting right news from their own interests. Many Search Engine News readers are interested in two things when it comes to Google. How do you get listed for free and through ads? For those readers, we recommend reviewing material in these key areas of Google Land.

Yahoo Land: Here you can find the news updates with the The oldest of the web's major search engine Yahoo. This category is divided into more than 40 categories. Many Search Engine News readers are interested in two areas relating to Yahoo: how to get listed for free and through buying ads. Those readers should review material in these sections of Yahoo Land.

MicroSoft Land: You will be updated with the newest major search engine of the industry if you visit here regularly. This Land is divided in the more than 20 important categories of the news related with the MSN Live Search.

2. Search Engine people : A Very nice site from Jeff Quipp. I like to read this blog because It is different in all aspects as it provides the search engine news and the team there is very appreciable.

Search Engine People has proven expertise in both competitive natural optimization or organic search results and Search Engine Marketing or pay per click. They Have proud to their team. Employing dedicated specialists in all aspects of search marketing, They have a team of industry experts, including SEO forum moderators, renowned consultants.

I Like the humor of the weekend the Friday funnies most there.

3. Search Engine watch: Search Engine Watch provides tips and information about searching the web, analysis of the search engine industry and help to site owners trying to improve their ability to be found in search engines. The links below provide more information about the site and its operation.

This blog Provides you the major happenings in the search marketing industry. This Blog keeps eyes on the search market trends and on also focus on the various industry icons. They regularly publish the Serach Engine News and thoughts of the various industry Icons as Aaron Wall, Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts, Jim Boykin, Rand fishkin and many of others. So, here you can find News about Search Engine and the Ideas and findings of the Internet Marketing Gurus.

4. Search Engine Journal: Search Engine Journal is a 5 year old publication of Search Engine Journal Publishing Group, specializing in search engine news.

This blog provides news of the Search Engines and many helping content for the industry. The content on this blog is provided by a great content team. The experts provide contents and it becomes more news worthy and helpful by the help of the moderation team.

This Blog covers the main four categories Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine News, Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

with the help of the staffs as:
  • Loren Baker(Editor in Chief): he shares his research and thoughts on the SEM industry.
  • Arnold Zafra as a Search Corespondent.
  • Arun Radhakrishnan provides his views on Alternative Search.
  • Jessica Bowman covers the world of the SEO with In-House strategies ans also condust some SEO Interviews.
  • Pablo Palatnik generally covers social media and its relation to universal search along with affiliate marketing.
  • Raj Dash A blogging and link building expert.
  • Carsten Cumbrowski covers topics ranging from pay-per-click advertising to lead generation and Google algorithms.
  • Sujan Patel covers social media, SEO & paid search topics.
  • Eric Lander shares his Ideas on Search Marketing.
  • Greg Sterling contributes news and opinion on local & mobile search.
  • Rhea Drysdale covers the search engine functions and conferences for the Search Engine Journal.

5. Search Engine Guide: Search Engine Guide is the definitive guide to search engine information on the Internet.

This site is divided into four sections but the main sections where you can find good resource for learning about the Internet marketing then you can visit these pages regularly.
  • Search Engine News: Search engine news is posted to this page each day.
  • Search Engine Marketing: This category provide access to the collective wisdom of all the top search engine marketing experts with regularly updated articles, links to resources, and announcements of new tools and services.
  • Internet Search Engines: This section may provide you good resource for learning about using search engine tools and technology.
Jennifer Laycock is the Editor of Search Engine Guide. Jennifer Laycock has been involved in Internet marketing since 1995 and with search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing since 2001. After "serving her time" working for a variety of different firms, she left the world of traditional agencies to serve as editor-in-chief of Search Engine Guide, an industry site aimed at educating small business owners about search engine marketing. Laycock now focuses primarily on education, training and consulting as an independent online marketing consultant for small to mid-size businesses throughout the United States.

6. Search Engine RoundTable: The purpose behind the Search Engine Roundtable is to report on the most interesting threads taking place at the SEM forums. By enlisting some of the most recognized names at those forums, the Roundtable is able to not only report on these outstanding threads but also provide a synopsis that provides greater detail into those threads.

SErountTable Blog provides you the current discussions about the SEM. They cover all of the popular threads of various SEM forums. They analyze the discussion and properly solve the questions raised by the users.

The SEroundTable covers the following main SEM froums.

7. Search Engine News: Their primary focus has been to reveal cutting-edge search engine strategies geared toward providing search engine marketing professionals a ranking edge on search engine results pages (SERPs). During this time they have provided extensive coverage of only the commercially strategic, major search engines such as Google,Yahoo, Ask, and MSN—as well as the dozen or so formerly major search engines that are now relegated to the annals of Internet history.

Here you can find the popular news feeds from the various sites about the major search engines as Google, yahoo, MSN and ASK. And they also provide the feeds of official blogs of the these search engines. A content team there also provides you researches and findings about the Search Engine Marketing.

8. Pandia Search Engine News: The Pandia Search Central, a site dedicated to search engines and productive Internet searching. The Pandia Search Central gives Internet surfers access to several tools that will help them become more able net searchers. Then there is a vast amount of information for Webmasters trying to achieve higher search enginerankings for their sites.

Pandia Search Engine News brings you original articles on search engine development. There is also a breaking news newsfeed giving you daily updates from the world of Internet searching. Pandia's free newsletter, the Pandia Post, gives a bimonthly summary of the main events. This ezine also includes tips on Internet search resources and on how to search the Web more efficiently.

9. Marketing Pilgrim : This is the blog of internet marketing expert Andy Beal in September 2005. As a follow-up to Beal’s award-winning search marketing blog, Marketing Pilgrim expands its coverage to bring the latest news, rumors and reviews of all things related to internet marketing and online advertising.

Marketing Pilgrim’s company coverage includes Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and closely watches news on search, blogging, social media and general online marketing topics. While serving as editor-in-chief, Andy Beal brings his expert analysis and critique to dozens of news items each week and is supported by a team of experienced marketing experts. The team consists the experts as:

10. SeoMoz.Org: SEOmoz provides the web's best community, tools and educational resources for people and companies engaged in Internet marketing and search engine optimization. They also provide the News about the Search Engines ans the team of good content shares their experiences here too.

SEOmoz has experienced a great deal of success and visibility. Through the support of their in-house and external staff, they've been able to deliver consistently exceptional results to their readers. The team consists.

Respect Fully Mentioned:

SEO Book
: SEO is a leading SEO blog by Aaron Wall covering the search space. It offers marketing tips, search analysis.

In the past SEO Book was more about posting search news, but since the market has got so saturated on that front and Aaron acquired the Threadwatch community he have decided to keep Threadwatch focused on the latest search news and speculation, and to use SEO Book to answer customer questions and to offer online marketing strategy tips.

Here on My SEO Expert Delhi blog I wanted to mention a big list of the Search Engine News Blogs, but due to shortage of time or I did not do that. I rarely post on this blog so, You may call me a lazy blogger too.

Inspiration To Post:

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  • "Want to Ranking the New Sites Quickly?" Try These 6 Startegies !!

    Hmm.. Well you know the difference between the sites which are nor remarkable and the top ranking sites. In the last some years the target of the internet market was low and there was less competition and generally sites were ranked easily, But it is the time of more competition because you have to fight with the top trusted sites which has build authority and the upcoming strong competitor.

    If you have a new site and your competition is against the top established sites with their most important keywords, then you should have to strong in the public relations, link building and you must be able to cast link bait.

    Hmm.. You are fighting against the established site then it will be easier to rank an old site. So, buy a old site which is not well maintained and then maintain and organize it rank with the desired keywords. Well, If you are thinking that it may cast more money then you can choose a new site and follow the key terms I am going to discuss here which will help you to rank in short period.

    Target The Keyword Which is Easier To Attain Ranking: If most your competitors are targeting New Delhi Map but nobody is targeting NewDelhi Map then it is going to be easier to rank for that alternative version. And even if the alternate version only gets 5% or 10% the search volume of the related keyword, you are still going to pull in more traffic by ranking #1 for it than you would ranking #30 for the more popular version of the keyword.

    Modify The Keywords: If you can't rank for the core keywords then try to add some related keyword modifiers to the page title. Is Mobile Phones too hard of a keyword? Then consider targeting a phrase like Best Mobile Phones.

    Opt a Mixing Strategy for On-Page Optimization: Rather than placing your keyword phrase all over the page consider mixing up how you use it. If the page title contains Best Mobile Phone consider using something like Compare Top Mobile Phones Offer in the on page H1 header. Notice the change between plural and singular versions of the keywords. Popular CMS programs like Wordpress have plug ins like the SEO Title tag plug in that make it quite easy to vary your page title and on page heading.

    Go Deeper Than the Competition is Going. The searchers go for search long tail terms some time so you may target for those keywords and luckily you can get their attention. Because the long tail searchers need information so they can link up you and every link will be beneficial in your Internet marketing campaign.

    Go Away From The Commercial Keywords: If you stay within a small basket of well known commercial keywords it is hard to compete with strong competitors that have been targeting them for years. Niche how to content that solves a searcher's problems is likely to build inbound links. These inbound links boost your domain authority and pass PageRank internally to other pages on your site, which is much of the general goal of many SEO linkbait projects...some pages are good at building inbound citations while other pages leverage that link authority and generate revenue.

    Try The Social Media: Social media will be always beneficial for traffic and the some niche specific social sites may give you the number of visitors with the number of links.

    seo expert delhi


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  • Finally I Become a Mechanical Engineer

    Life is full of the adventure. I felt it in these 4 years of my Engineering Life. I didn't think that I will be a Mechanical Engineer but Finally I joined B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology ) with Mechanical Engineering branch. From starting to ends these four years was full of enjoyment and good( a little bit of bad )memories.

    Well friends I will tell you every thing which I passed in my last four year in the college.

      First Day in College: It was 9 September 2004. I came to the college at 09:00 a.m. It was my first day in college and when I entered in the college encountered to the seniors. It was the ragging period Introduction period. Some of the Seniors catch me out of the class and tell me to introduce myself and also tell to sing a song. I done both at that time but I was afraid little bit. After that Welcome Party was organized and after that I sifted in the Hostel. In the hostel I meet to some students which are with me till now.

      First Year and Freshers Party: In first year's first semester I was new to the course and patter of the study and first time I was out of the home. So, most of the time I spend in memories of home and studies. I make many new friends which was very good in nature and cooperative. In the middle of the semester we got the freshers party and enjoyed the occasion.

      In the second semester I understood the pattern and tactics of studies so I enjoyed the second semester most. It was first time I was out of home so with my friends I visited Delhi (Capital of India) many times. I got many of the good faculty members which was very knowledgeable and cooperative. Some of them are Ashish Pathak my faculty of Physics and Aparna Vats faculty of Professional Communication.

      Second Year Full of Fun: In second years I and my friends meet each other after the summer vacation. We share the experiences of the vacation and then start the studies.

      In this year I totally entered in the Mechanical Field. I liked some subjects very much as Machine Design, Theory of Machines, Thermodynamics and Strength of Material. The interest couldn't develop in these subject if the faculty members like S.M.Adeeb, Vishal Aggrawal and Priyanka Tiwari had not teach.

      Third Year Entry in the Internet marketing: That year most of my friends leave the hostel So, I too. We hire a room on rent in Sector Beta. My roommates also come with me and we totally exposed to the 24 hr internet connection.

      My faculty members was very good so they gave me good internal marks that year and made it easy for me to spent more time on the Internet.

      So, spending time on the internet in chatting and other activities which was worthless. I select the option of the Internet Marketing. My friend Manish helped me very much because he was involved in Internet Marketing since 2000. He made my SEO Expert Delhi blog and set the target for ranking the blog for some keyword. It was the first attempt to learn SEO. Manish created my blog at 7 march 2007 and I started posting on the blog. People learn form their mistakes so I learned from my first mistake that I was pasting the article from other site so Google indexed my blog in Supplementary Index. I deleted my all post and re construct the blog and started blogging from 27th may 2007.

      Fourth Year Spend much time on Social media: In the final year along with studies I spend much time on the Social media. Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon I liked most in all of the Social Media Sites.

      With the studies all of the fear of Examination was out of the mind because till I (Every One)knew the techniques and strategies to score good marks in short of the time. That year was full of fun and enjoyment.

      The last Day in College: Officially last day was 2nd June and my Project was on that day. I made a team with my friends to make a project on "Automatic CNC drilling Machine". We worked well on that project so last day was also very good in front of the Examiner.

    Finally at 2nd June I completed my Engineering full of the good memories of first day to last day.


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  • Top 5 Public Relation Mistakes

    Every one know about the importance of the public relationship in the Search engine optimization and social media. Introduction of the social media makes it much important than past times. If you have developed good public relation skills then your business will grow much faster which you want. The goal of public relations is to portray your business in the best possible manner. This can range from establishing yourself in the market to damage control. If you have good public relationship then you will have to work less for link building and SEO too for boost up your business. You know the strategies involved in the public relationship but I am here discussing about some worst practices in public relationship.

    Timing Matters (Poor timing may worry you): Timing is crucial and too often the individuals who handle public relations do not get a head start on their tasks. You need to consider lead time for magazines, newspapers, and other media. It is always important in any type of internet marketing, online marketing and offline marketing.

    Poor Selection of Language: Jargon and buzzwords do not impress editors who have little time to read all of the press releases that flow across their desks. Get to the point in plain and simple language.

    Written press releases not in proper manner: A press release having many Errors, omissions, poorly worded sentences, lengthy copy, and poor structure are all pitfalls that land press releases in the trash. You must have to grab the reader's attention, jump to the point as faster as possible, and also enrich them with new information and activities.

    Poor follow-up: You must always ready to heard and be prepared when someone calls you with follow-up questions. There are several examples of failing the relationship due to reason that they didn't close with deal.

    Too much hype: You want to be positive, but superlatives get tedious and can arouse suspicion in readers. Remember: You're appealing to the news media, so supply them with supported facts, and avoid generalizations and exaggerations.

    Well these are the things which everyone consider during their public relationship campaign. As much strong your public relationship will develop there will increase in probability for hiring your company.

    SEO Expert Delhi

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  • How to Build Links by Commenting On Blogs?

    Commenting on the various blog post is also a effective link building strategy when blog is DoFollow. In the case of Nofollow it benefits as much but it increases your link counts. The commenting on the post is also an art to be out of the category of the Spammers. There are some points which have to be followed by each blog commentator for not to look like a Spammer.

    Comment relevancy:
    The commenting on the blog post must be based on the blog post content. Must read the whole article and then comment on it. Do not go for comment after only reading the post title. Read whole article to know the what author want to say and if you have less time for read the article then read the comments of others. Do not copy paste the others comment, it may cause disapproval of your comment. A good comment also press readers to visit your site if your comment is useful.

    Overall comment content length:
    If you want to appreciate the author, suggest any thing and then you can add it in your comment. I think your comment length doesn't matter how long it is. But a precise comment is liked by everyone. A bigger comment is are not wholly read by everyone so be precise to 200 to 250 word in your comment. You can catch the attention of others if you mention some interesting things in your comments.

    Similar/same comments around several blogs:

    If you are commenting on the several blogs then use different comments. It will look like more natural. I think if you want to make authority of your site then give anchor text in comment as contain in your domain. You may use single anchor text if you not comment on many sites, But in case of huge number of comments then comment on several blogs with different keywords. This will look like more natural. As I said never comment on different blogs with similar content this will show you as spammer.

    Your linked comments acquisition rate:

    Do not comment on the blogs with much faster rates. This will not look like natural. If you comment more than 100 comments on several blogs then it will definitely harm you. There must the fixed rate of commenting. Make your limit of commenting to 20 - 30 comments a day. A Slow link building is liked by Google this will increase your SERPs.

    Some blacklist words like "porn" both in the author link and the Comment body:
    Do not comment on those blogs which contain adult content. This may blacklist your site when hey search engines will track the link. Also do not include such words which are blacklisted. The links upcoming towards your site from the flagged or black listed sites will harm you site in various manner.

    Many of the seo experts use these tactics to build links for site or blog. This link building strategy is very easy in practice. You can achieve good popularity by your comment and get good results from industry. Because if your comment is good then every one appreciate you and remember your name with respect.

    In my starting career as SEO Expert Delhi I choose this trick for building links because it was so easy to understand an also very much interesting work. I am also using it for link building for my SEOcontest2008. Commenting also increase you knowledge in specific field because you read article before commenting on it.


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  • Sachin Tendulkar Again On "Top"

    Sachin Tendulkar, the name of fame. Who doesn't know Sachin in India? I think there is no such person who doesn't know him. Everyone say about him that -
    If cricket is worship in India then Sachin is God.
    Every one knows that when Sachin Teldulkar in his form any bowler is beneath this little master. Last Year Sachin missed his at least 8 centuries but this year Sachin is on fire. After a long time Sachin again come on the top ranking of ICC.

    Many of the persons say that Sachin has no talent to give performance in crucial and final matches. My question is who was the key player who tracked India towards victory in India vs Australia both final matches. Only and Only SACHIN. Sachin played great innings in both of matches and scored 117* and 91. Sachin gave us moment for enjoy this famous victory of the Indian Cricket Team.

    This legendary man is unique person who has played highest matches and till many of the years in the Indian cricket history of 75 years. He ranked as #1 batsman in the world in last many of the years. But due to some fitness problem he loosed his position. After recovering his injury Sachin performed very well but he couldn't regain his position in ICC ranking. And many people started to say that Sachin is over. But Sachin didn't say any thing about these statements. He always replied by his performance.

    Now again this Little Master, Master Blaster, Little King is at his original position in ICC ranking.
    He left behind those batsman who are ranking from much time. This is slap by him to those who say Sachin is Finished.

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  • Digg - 5 Steps to Become Social

    First you have to make account on the Digg. This is zeroth step for digg because making profile and account doesn't matter on digg. The only thing matters that is your popularity. Making profile is not a big deal, You have to follow some basic rules on the social media to gain popularity. I am explaining here some basic steps. If you will be popular on Digg then you can deliver huge traffic towards your site. It will be also helpful for effective link building.

    Discover Something Interesting on web

    Digg is a social place for those peoples who are interested in discovering and sharing content across the web, from the biggest online site destinations to the most obscure blog which are attractable. Digg likes the best thing which are linked by the most of the users.

    When a story submitted to digg then its popularity counted by the number of votes/duggs that story received.For every registered user that clicks "Digg it" to vote the content and count increases and when a story reaches the tipping point, then it gets promoted to the homepage and made your story popular and you too. A story stuck on the digg front page drive huge amount of traffic towards the site.

    Digg may help you in effective link baiting, which will lead you to increase your authority by gaining links without any effort.

    Customize your view for your Interests

    Don't want to see Industry or polotical news? Customize your view of Digg for those you want to see and for those do not want.

    By looking at information through the lens of the collective community on Digg, you'll always find something interesting and unique. Register and you can select the categories that are most interesting to you and hide the ones you don't want to see.

    Your chosen category will help other users to make you friend on the basis of your interest in the specific category.

    Participate in discussion

    Here you can share your opinions and comments on the stories, videos, Images and podcasts. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons for rating the comments you liked and this will show your opinion liked by how many peoples. This will give you an idea that what people like on digg.

    Want to contribute some more? Find an interesting article, video, or podcast online and submit it. Your submission will immediately appear in "Upcoming Stories," where other members can find it and Digg it.

    If you comment any where and your comment found useful to others then your profile will be viewed more and you will definitely gain popularity on the Digg.

    Get Connected with your Friends

    Make friends and know that what they are digging or discovering on the web. You may prefer those Friends who has same area of interest as yours this will be more helpful for you.

    You will find your all friend's activity is a running list of all your friends' actions within Digg (Diggs, shouts, comments, submissions, etc.). While you can discover a lot of new stuff that the community finds interesting, it's even cooler to see what your friends are Digging.

    Search for friends already on Digg or invite others to the site. And add them as a friend by taking care of some rules which may be helpful for you.

    I have discussed here some basic steps for Digg. But in general you can go for these steps for social media which is acceptable for most of all social media sites.

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